What is Hashing?

For those of you who donít know what this is all about, essentially, hashers follow a pre determined trail (set by two hashers called hares) which is laid out the day before, which usually takes the runners through the countryside and towns that surround Porto.

It must be stressed however that you do not need to be a star athletic to enjoy hashing, as we have runners of all abilities and occasionally, a group of walkers.

The hash is then followed by a meal (known as the bash) in an eatery local to the hash.

There are also away hashes, organised by members of the group that involve a weekend away, either in the Portuguese countryside or even across the border.   These are always memorable and not to be missed!

All in all itís a great Sunday out and anyone wishing to join the group would be more than welcome.

To find out more about hashing, visit one of the international hash web sites:

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