PH3 History

Hashing started with the Hash House Harriers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1938, founded by British expats.

In Portugal, there are 3 active Hash groups. They are:

Almancil Area HHH (Founded by Mike 'Basketcase' Hirst & John 'One Ball' Moore in 23 Jan 1984)

Lisbon HHH (Founded by Jeff Van Etten, Anne & Kevin O'Neill in 6 Jun 1987)

Porto HHH

The Porto Hash House Harriers were founded in 1994 by Nick Felsing and Ross Moodie, two experienced hashers who, in the employment of Coates & Clark (of Vila Nova de Gaia), had hashed with hashing groups in the far east.

The the first PH3 hash was held some time in February of 1994. It was hared by Nick Felsing and Ross Moodie and took place in the "Quinta do Cravel" (the headquarters of Coates & Clark in Vila Nova de Gaia). 32 hashers took part.

The second hash was set in Valadares by our senior hasher and ex-GM Bunbasher (then known as Tony Baker).

The third hash was an "Interhash", presumably a joint hash with Lisbon Hash House Harriers, hared once again by Nick Felsing.

The fourth hash is the first hash whose date was recorded - 1st July 1994, and was set by Roger Sellers in Leça.

Grand Masters/Mistresses

Nick Felsing: From Hash 1, in February 1994

Creamer: From Hash?

Wally: From Hash 44, on 31st August 1996

Jockstrap: From Hash 66, on 24th July 1997

Bunbasher: From sometime in 1999

Chalkie: Appointed after Hash 186, on 13th October 2002

Spanker: Appointed after Hash 230, on 12th December 2004

Hornblower: Appointed after Hash 275, on 17th December 2006

Plunger: Appointed after Hash 296, on 6th January 2008

Comemorative Hashes

Hash 125: Jingle Bells Hash on 19th December 1999, Oporto, with bash in the Oporto Tandoori Restaurant

Hash 150: Away hash in Caminha on the weekend of 19th - 20th January 2001 staying at the Hotel Porta do Sol, organized by GM Bunbasher. Hash on Saturday afternoon, hared by Bunbasher; Walk on Santa Tecla hill (Spain) on Sunday morning after ferry crossing.

Hash 175: Away hash in Campo de Gerês on the weekend of 6th - 7th April 2002 staying at the Albergaria Stop, organized by GM Bunbasher. 4 hour walk on on Saturday, including picnic lunch; Hash on on Sunday morning, hared by Bunbasher and Dodger.

Hash 200: Away hash in Mondariz Balneario (Galiza) on the weekend of 14th - 15th June 2003 staying at the Hotel Restaurante Plaza, organized by GM Chalkie and Hooker. Walk on on Saturday, including picnic lunch; Hash on on Sunday morning, hared by Chalkie and Hooker.

Hash 225: Away hash in São Pedro de Moel (on the coast near Marinha Grande) on the weekend of 2nd - 3rd October 2004 staying at the Residencial Miramar, organized by Plunger & Spanker. Walk on Saturday in the Serra de Aire, including picnic lunch; Hash on on Sunday morning near São Pedro do Moel, hared by Plunger & Spanker.

Hash 250: Away hashes in Gerês and the Póvoa de Lanhoso area on the weekend of 22nd - 23rd October 2005 staying at the Residencial Beleza da Serra in Gerês, organized by Big Stick & Wally. Hash 250 on Saturday in Gerês, hared by Big Stick & Wally; Hash 251 on Sunday morning in the Póvoa de Lanhoso area, based on Big Stick & Yvonne's splendid new property, hared by Big Stick.

Hash 275: Hash in Azurara on 17th December 2006, hared by GM Spanker & Plunger. The new GM, Hornblower, was chosen at the bash in the Restaurant Alcanena, after a series of fun games. This was also the farewell hash for Snorter, about to leave for Chennai (formerly Madras), India.

Hash 300: Hash from a small village near the River Dão on Sunday 9th March 2008, hared by Spanker & Horny, staying at the Grande Hotel Luso in Luso. Walk on Saturday in the Buçaco Forrest, taking in the Palace Hotel Bussaco, and spectacular views from the "Cruz Alta".

Hash 325: Hash from Tui, just across the border from Valença in Spain, on Sunday 29th March 2009, hared by Plunger & Spanker, staying at the Hotel Colón in Tui. Walk on Saturday in the Parque Natural Monte Aloia in the hills above Tui, with impressive views of the river Minho. On Friday evening we hit the local Tapas bars. On Saturday evening the Chambers hosted an excellent quiz.

Hash 350: Hash from Pinhão, in the heart of Port Wine country on 14th March 2010, hared by Whippit & Dodger, staying at the Solar dos Canavarros, Sobrosa, up from Pinhão. Walk on Saturday in the grounds of the Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, followed by a port wine tasting in Provezende.

Hash 375: Valetine themed Hash in the hills near Alcobaça on 13th February 2011, hared by Brunei Babe & Inaction Man, staying at the Hotel Santa Maria in the centre of Alcobaça, facing the Monastery. A quiz took us in pairs on a tour around Alcobaça on the Saturday afternoon.